Professional boxer Aram Amirkhanyan (10-0-0) challenges European boxers


Aram Amirkhanyan

In previous fights against Vladimir Galchenko and Viskhan Murzabekov the boxer showed not only spectacular and technical boxing, but also a high level of motivation. In the Fight with Galchenko Amirkhanyan had a temperature 38.5. In this condition he worked sharply on the oncoming courses, interrupting enemy’s long attacks, and won the fight.The fight with Sirazhutdin Agayev In Yekaterinburg ended in a bloody scene in the 5th round. When Aram Amirkhanyan pressed the enemy to the ropes and brought down hard side strikes. Two deep cuts and Agayev’s inability to continue the fight put an end to this fight.

In April 2016, Amirkhanyan fought for the title of Russian champion against Uktamjon Rakhmonov, prize-winner of the Olympics in London 2012. By the 10th round Aram prepared alone, without sparring partners, without proper food and material support. In that fight Aram Amirkhanyan won the title of the champion of Russia in spite of the circumstances.

Now we are looking for partners, sponsors, managers and promoters to organize fights in Europe with dignified opponents.

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Aram Amirkhanyan. Was born on December 24, 1989 in Yerevan, Republic of Armenia.

Professional career:

  • Record of 10-0-0 (BoxRec)
  • Champion of Russia among professionals 2016-2017 year

In martial arts:

  • Winner of 12-minute fights for the survival of Taffeith (Moscow)

Amateur career:

  • Champion of Russia among students of 2013
  • Winner of the Cup of oil countries
  • Champion of Moscow
  • Quarterfinalist of the 2013 World Cup in the Armenian national team.

Now he trains and lives in Kazan. Married, has a son.

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